Line of light  

The City of Eindhoven asked me to create a series of photographs while showing my view of the city.
Eindhoven - the city of light - has the fastest growing economy of The Netherlands. Both the high-tech and design sector are a major part of this growth and are well-known to an international audience. Being an ‘Eindhovenaar’ myself for many years I have seen more and more expats residing in Eindhoven. Because of this I wanted to create a series that speaks to both the locals as the internationals in the city.
I decided on capturing children who are playing sports, with their timeless and traditional uniforms I hope to create a moment of recognition and togetherness for everyone.

Production by Pierette Goossens video by Niels Groenendijk

This project was commissioned by Edhv & Ehv365  ⏤  2020